Rock Abundance

... is a community-led project aiming to encourage more people in Cambridge (UK) to ‘swap and share’ fresh fruit and veg and long-life preserves. About 'Help yourself' boxes.  Tips for running stalls.

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In 2014, we hatched from Transition Cambridge Food Group.

From July 2014 to 17 October 2014, we organised, across Cambridge, 10 pop-up 'swap and share' stalls. We also found places for 'help yourself' boxes, and ways to tell you where they are.

We are back in 2015 - during the school summer holiday - a peak for allotment and garden gluts.

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We were amazed by the interest in this project - from council, library and community development staff to people working in academic public health and health services - but most of all from people of all ages and backgrounds who grow, forage and just like to try-out for free  locally grown produce.

We have a very small core group of active volunteers, mainly based in South Cambridge, but are very happy to lend support to the glut swappers, especially in other parts of the City.

It makes sense to make links between people in allotment sites who grow produce and people who know of ways and places to share it with nearby people. 

If you have a safe spot to host a 'help yourself' point, do contact us too.

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Last updated: 27 July 2015

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